2. apr, 2021

Middel Eeuwen

Middle Ages

During the middle ages, in the world outside church walls, female troubadours (trobairitz) wrote secular music. The most common musical form used by the trobairitz was the canso, a song in stanza form on topics of courtly love. The songs of the trobairitz help us understand how their society influenced attitudes toward women for centuries to follow:

“Female troubadours…wrote lyrics that followed the courtly love tradition of the troubadours in that they involved themes of adulterous love, the elevation of the lady over the man who loves her, and the torturous nature of romantic love, itself….It’s important…to point out that the placement of women on a pedestal in the courtly love tradition did not do much to dispel the misogyny in society or in art, however. Some of the troubadour lyrics are viciously misogynistic”